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Sierra Club organizer Rhonda Anderson spends her days working with Detroit residents and local politicians to fight for the rights of communities already overburdened with polluting industries. In 2007 Rhonda was one of the activists who spurred Governor Jennifer Granholm to sign an EJ Executive Order. Rhonda's powerful voice as a community advocate was recently recognized by the Michigan Chronicle, who named her as "One of the 10 Voices of Change for 2007". Rhonda was awarded the Virginia Ferguson Award at the 2013 Sierra Club Employee Award Ceremony. This award honors an employee who has demonstrated consistent and exemplary service to the Sierra Club. Commitment to the organization is demonstrated not only through competence, but also in the congenial attitude, extraordinary spirit, and unquestionable integrity that makes this recipient's performance an inspiration to the rest of the staff. She received the award for all of her fabulous work over the past 12 years with the Sierra Club, particularly with her work in Detroit’s 48217 zip code area. Sarah Hodgdon, the Sierra Club’s National Program Director, presented the Award to Rhonda and also mentioned that the 5 top polluters in Michigan just happen to be in this area, just to give you an idea of what Rhonda has been up against. Sarah and Rhonda also mentioned all of the great work done by Mrs. Delores Leonard along with other community members that Rhonda has worked with through the years. Rhonda also received the Mike McCloskey Award for 2015 honoring her incredible and inspiring work for a decade and a half as an organizer around environmental justice and now Beyond Coal work. The award is given to an employee whose work has reflected and strengthened the meaning, purpose and mission of the Club.